About Cyber Essentials

As an approved IASME Cyber Essentials Certification Body, NeedSec Limited, trading as "Cyber Compliance" is committed to enhancing your business's cyber security posture through the Cyber Essentials certification scheme, endorsed by NCSC. Our mission is to guide businesses through the process of securing their IT infrastructure against cyber threats, reinforcing their commitment to maintaining high security standards. Cyber Essentials is a government-backed framework designed to offer a clear, achievable path to improved cyber security for organisations of all sizes.

Cyber Essentials Benefits

  • Boost Customer Confidence - Assure your clients that you are proactively securing your IT environment against cyber attacks.
  • Enhance Business Opportunities - Attract new business with the assurance that you have implemented critical cyber security measures.
  • Provide Transparency - Offer a clear view of your organisation's cyber security level, demonstrating your commitment to protecting data.
  • Support Compliance and Contractual Requirements - Facilitate business growth, as some government contracts require Cyber Essentials certification.

Proactive Cyber Security

Cyber Essentials is an independently verified self-assessment certification that provides protection against a broad spectrum of common cyber attacks. This certification is vital as it highlights your organisation's preparedness against cyber threats, setting you apart from those that are more vulnerable to attacks. By adopting the Cyber Essentials technical controls, you assure that your defences are equipped to prevent the majority of cyber attacks, offering peace of mind to both your organisation and your stakeholders.

Certification Process: Simplified and Secure

Organisations are required to assess themselves against five basic security controls, with one of our qualified assessors verifying the information provided. The self-assessment process is facilitated through a secure, hosted platform, offering an intuitive user interface for a straightforward and efficient certification journey.

Pricing Structure

  • Micro Organisations (0-9 Employees): £320
  • Small Organisations (10-49 Employees): £440
  • Medium Organisations (50-249 Employees): £500
  • Large Organisations (250+ Employees): £600

Additional Cyber Essentials Benefits

Cyber Essentials certification includes automatic cyber liability insurance for UK organisations certifying their entire organisation, with an annual turnover of less than £20m (terms apply).

Renewal is required annually to maintain certification and ensure continuous protection. Organisations not recertified within twelve months will be removed from the certified organisation list.

For more details, guidance, or to initiate your certification process, contact us at info@cybercompliance.org.uk.