Cyber Essentials Readiness Tool

The Cyber Essentials Readiness Tool, developed by IASME for the NCSC – a component of GCHQ, guides organisations in their preparation for Cyber Essentials certification. It does this by asking a series of questions pertinent to the primary criteria of the scheme.

Unveiled on the second day of the NCSC's CYBERUK 2021 ONLINE conference, this tool enquires about an organisation’s usage of hardware, software, and boundary devices such as firewalls, alongside their practices regarding passwords and defences against malware.

Upon completing the questionnaire, organisations receive a customised action plan detailing the steps necessary for preparing for the certification process.

From various sectors like catering to construction, the significance of online security for businesses is highlighted, with encouragement to utilise this new tool.

Cyber attackers often exploit basic vulnerabilities using simple methods, analogous to a burglar checking an unlocked front door. However, through the Cyber Essentials scheme, businesses can learn to defend themselves by securing internet connections, devices, controlling data access, and understanding protection against malware.

Achieving Cyber Essentials certification enables businesses to reassure customers of their IT security measures against cyber attacks, attract new business with certified cyber security measures, gain a clear understanding of their cyber security level, and qualify for certain government contracts requiring Cyber Essentials certification.


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Cyber Essentials Readiness Tool

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